SUMMARY: Ultra 10 and 80 GB HDD

From: Anatoliy Lisovskiy <>
Date: Wed Nov 26 2003 - 17:02:22 EST
SUMMARY: up to 137 gigs limitation by controller, no problems with 80 GB Seagate on Solaris 8 or 9 has been detected.

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Hi fellow gurus,
we need to replace IDE hard drives in some Ultra 10 boxes.
Did anybody try to use widely available now 80 GB drives?

We've ordered several batches now, and have just used whatever 80 GB OEM
Seagate drives we were shipped.  I want to say that there was
a transition from Barracuda III to Barracuda IV during that period,
but that is from memory.  I would expect that pretty much *any*
80 GB ATA drive would work. We went with Seagate just because their
drives are a little bit quieter, and we've had good luck with them
in the past.

it's been done.  the trick is - depending on how old your solaris is -
to -not- rely on format to discover disk geometry, but rather enter it
by hand.  and s2.6 [for instance] has ultimate limits of 64h * 255s *
16383c, so you may have to play with the maker's recommended geometry
to make it fit.


No, but I am using Western Digital 120GB
caviar drives in Ultra-10s (300Mhz) with
no problem, running Solaris 8 2/02.  Bigger
drives will not work due to hardware in the
on board IDE controller

Earlier versions of SunOS have problems with
large IDE drives as outlined in
Question 5.64.



We've installed pairs of 40GB HD's but not an 80. Best idea is to give
it a try. You can always return the HD if it doesn't work. The only
issue is would the entire 80GB be usable or just partial.

Let me know if you can use any more Ultra 10's or any other Sun H/W in
the future.


so long as you are on solaris8 or later, it shouldn't be a problem. The 
"problem" typically arises when you get to the HW limitation of the IDE 
controller used in these boxes, which is approx 130gigs.

I've added (personally) 20gig 3rd party drives to U5 systems ; 20,40,60 
gig drives to blade100 systems. Never had a problem. Lots of online docs 
concurr with this general theory of life.

Hope this helps a bit,



You are limited to 137Gb on Ultra 10 and Solaris 8.  Solaris 6/7 has lower
limits.  137Gb is limit of IDE controller.

Anatoliy Lisovskiy,

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