SUMMARY: sendmail`s ETRN functionality and forcing queueing for a domain

From: Michael Schneider <>
Date: Wed Nov 26 2003 - 15:17:06 EST
Thanks to all that replied to my inquiry about ETRN and queue:
R A Lichtensteiger, King, Brooke, David Sullivan Solution

First, make sure your sendmail is new enough to have the  "dsmtp" mailer
defined in the .cf file as well as knowing how to play with the mailertable
file.  Just grep for  "^Mdsmtp" and  "^Kmailertable"
Then add the domain you want to delay to the /etc/mail/mailertable
file, like this:
dom.ain          dsmtp:

2.nd Solution
You could deliver the messages to a queue that has no automated queue 
runners, that is,
no -q option on the daemon.

3.rd Solution
So, the first step is to modify your (or direct to 
the .cf if you want) to have the new mailer.  Add the following 
to (everything from Mqsmtp is a single line.)
    define(`confCON_EXPENSIVE', `true')
    # expensive mailer for dialup connections
    Mqsmtp, P=[IPC], F=CONCAT(emDFMuXa, SMTP_MAILER_FLAGS),      
S=11/31, R=21, E=\r\n, L=990, A=TCP $h

Then, use the mailertable to tell sendmail which domains use 
which mailer.  Foreach domain that uses ETRN, add an entry that 
looks like:
    host.domain     qsmtp:[realhost.domain]

You can then check via the sendmail -bv command.

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Thanks for your help!

Michael Schneider 
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