SUMMARY: E450 and 73GB or 36GB disk

From: Andrew Watkins <>
Date: Wed Nov 26 2003 - 11:49:40 EST

A certain YES is the answer. People are using them with no problems,
so if you are happy not to have them maintained by SUN then go for it.

Main points:

- many companies sell them.

- You can have different size disks in the same server
- Veritas VM / DiskSuite is happy with them
- The general feeling that bigger disks will work in Sun machines, but Sun
only supports disks which it can guarantee will work.

Thanks to:

"Jim Leppert"
Emmanuel Guisse
Hichael Morton
McAleavy, Allan A
David Foster
Scott Spencer

Original question:
> I am about to buy some more disks to fill up our E450, but
> I am trying decide to go for Sun support 36GB disks or non
> sun supported 73GB disks.
> I have seen similar questions on the list before but never any summaries,
> so the 2 question are:
> 1) do 73GB disks work in a E450 any problems?
> 2) I may use Solstice DiskSuite/Solaris Volume Manager to combine disks, but 
> 	again has any one used 73GB disks with this? I guess if I go for 73G
> 	disks then I may not bother with this!
> In advance thanks,

Andrew Watkins
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