SUMMARY: SunFire V100 LOM password recovery / account removal / reset

From: Andrew J Caines <>
Date: Wed Nov 19 2003 - 15:09:34 EST
Thanks to Cris Lovett for pointing to InfoDoc 71251, "How to bypass ALOM
password on a Sun Fire[TM] V210/V240/V250/V440" published the same day as
my post on SunSolve[1]. Since it's short, I'll reproduce verbatim (with
errors) it here for the archive.

  To overide the ALOM password on the system you will need to:

  1) Attach console to Serial Management Port

  2) Power on the server via the front power button. Once POST has
     completed, you will need to wait 1 to 2 minutes for a timeout to
     occur and the system to drop to the "ok>" prompt.

  If you do not get the "Please login:" prompt (you will likely see the
  SC prompt) then you must power the system off remove the battery from
  the LOM board, wait a  minute, and re-install everything).

  Below is an example of what you might see on the console:

  	  Please login: 
  	  SC Alert: Host System has Reset

  	  [wait one two minutes]
  	  Serial line login timeout, returns to console stream.


  3) Boot the system to the OS level. If Solaris is not currently
     installed on the server, you will need to install it at this point.

  4) Use the scadm command to reset the admin password:

  	  a) cd /usr/platform/`uname -i`/sbin
	  b) ./scadm userpassword admin

  5) Use the escape sequence "#." to get system back to the alom login

  6) You can now log into the admin account using the password from
     step 4 b).

Since a workaround (booting alternate media) had already been used, I did
not get to test this.

Thanks also to Luke Middle and Mike D. Kail who had both previously posted
similar questions to the list for their followup.

Here's the original question:

>How I reset the LOM password or remove configured the LOM user(s) on a
>V100 without having root and doing it from the command line and without
>any knowing the LOM user(s)' passwords?
>While I'm aware of workarounds such as booting from alterate media and
>doing it via Solaris, or tracking down the person who set the passwords,
>I'd like to know the proper technical procedure.

Thanks to Henrik at Texas Instruments for letting me know he is out until
the 20th and for offering Jens and Ralf to answer my ClearCase/Conquest
questions. I don't use either product, but the offer is appreciated.

Jim at the City of Phoenix government, thanks for promising to respond to
my message when you return on the 24th, but it's not necessary.

I hope you both enjoyed your time off.


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