[SUMMARY] Backup Options

From: John.B.Kelly <John.B.Kelly_at_ul.ie>
Date: Tue Nov 18 2003 - 14:15:48 EST

My query related to the options open to me in upgrading a backup regime from
an an external SCSI DDS3
4mm DAT tape to a bakup methodology with increased capacity. Obviously a
general question like this yielded a lot of replies, too numerous to

The main points which may be of interest to other list members are, in my
opinion, the following:

(i) DLT probably better option that DAT - more reliable and a 2nd user
DLT-8000 should be available for ~$500
(ii) Using an autoloader adds an extra level of complexity and something
extra to go wrong
(iii) Don't count on getting the amount of compression quoted on tapes
(typically 2:1)
(iv) With large ATA disks (~100-200GB) now being available pretty cheaply,
it makes sense to look carefully at using these as part of any backup

Many thanks to all who replied,
John Kelly.
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