Summary: ping with timeout, or other tool suggestions

From: JV <>
Date: Tue Nov 18 2003 - 02:33:17 EST
The following ppl replied with specific suggestions:

Smith, Kevin
Luc I. Suryo
John Leadeham
Reggie Beavers
Alan Pae
Eugene Schmidt
David M Dennis

If you were polite, thanks! If you to barked "RTFM" at me... well
let's just say nothing rather than something rude in return.
Since my requirement was the EXIT CODE status, which I find
unpredictable in my testing, there is a tool available made for
scripting in mind:

The author of the above tool wrote it to sweep Stanford University's
IP network. As I have a Class B network at my company, this "deluxe
ping" seems to fit the bill for larger shops that want a simple
command line tool to scan many subnets in an async manner. Cheers!


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