SUMMARY: Problem with seeing RAID disks

From: Bob Barkhymer <>
Date: Mon Nov 17 2003 - 09:58:44 EST
The solution (IN THIS CASE!) was to select the one disk shown and then the
remaining disks mysteriously appear. I continued on with the configuration
of the RAID and everything worked good.


I have an E4500 with an A5100 RAID attached. It originally had Solaris 2.6
with Volume Manager 2.X. The internal disks went bad and I replaced them
with 2 new disks. I installed Solaris 8 along with the SUN Storedge SAN KIT
and all necessary patches and packages for the RAID and Solaris. I started
loading Volume Manager 3.2 and when I get to the RAID configuration part it
only recognizes 1 disk C0T0D0. When I do a format I can see all 14 36G raid
disks. I did add the c1 in the cntrls.exclude file since that is the
controller for the internal disks. But I still should be able to see the 7
disks for c0 and c2. Also, I am not concerned about the data on the RAID
since it was backed up. Any Suggestions?
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