SUMMARY: Crontab deleted how to recover..

From: Loukinas, Jeremy <>
Date: Fri Nov 14 2003 - 09:13:19 EST
A got a bit of a response from like 30 people in 5 minutes thanks guys!

Mitch Bruntel 
Jason Holly
Alex Madden
Rick Ballard
Paul Lamedeleine
Ric Anderson
Joon Martin Hansen 
Ronny Martin
Stephen Graham
Alan Bradley
Reggie Beavers
Bernhard Sadlowski
Tom Obst
Lean Kazakin
Dave Ballesteros

 Jeremy S. Loukinas        

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> I had an application admin come to me and tell me they 
> deleted their crontab
> by accidentally entering crontab -r. Personally I always back 
> my crontab up
> before running any commands but they did not. Is there any 
> way to recover?
> Once you add entries to cron where are they stored on the 
> system?  I have
> never made the mistake of deleting my crontab so I have never 
> had to recover
> any help is appreciated. 

At this point it is time load a backup tape and restore

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