SUMMARY: Audio 4mm tape drive

From: Kurosh Khan-Afshar Moha <>
Date: Thu Nov 13 2003 - 05:55:55 EST

Sory about this late summay. I have recieved many gratefull contributions
and suggestions from many people:

Thanks to:
Vahid Moghadassi, The Hatter, Reggie Beavers, Kevin Smith, Jose Luis R
odriguez, Joe Fletcher, Luc I Suryo
For sharing their experience about using audio DAT tapes
The conclusion is: Audio DAT tapes should work as DDS 2 tape but it is
highly discouraged for backups
 and risky threads. Data tapes would works in a audio recorder but that
would be wasting money because they
are more expensive.

In the other hand about the question if a computer tape drive can read and
write audio data I have
recieved the a lot of useful links and complete information from:
Mark, S. Davis,  Sevan Venture37

Thanks to all of them.
The conslusion is that depending on the model and firmware, some computer
tape drives using the suitable software
have the capacity of reading and writing Digital Audio. The links below are
a good point to begin.

This was my primary question,


>Does anybody knows/has experience about if audio 4mm tapes can be
>recognized on 4mm tape drives.

Best regards,
Kurosh Khan-Afshar
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