Summary: Looking for information on keys.

From: Truax, Bruce (COMFIN, VFS, Consultant) <>
Date: Wed Nov 12 2003 - 12:00:02 EST

First I'd like to thank those that replied: Troy, Chris, Kevin and Eugene. It
doesn't look good. As is known each of the keys fit multiple platforms and all
the keys of a given style are cut the same. Ex. 1 E450 key will fit every
E450. In my case I had the need for more due to my situation and was exploring
the possibility of getting them done locally for the sake of time. It looks
like it cannot be done as one of the replies stated as follow:

		"In my experience locally locksmiths etc do not have the required blanks.
		only way to obtain them is by contacting Sun where you can buy them." - or
other Sun vender.

Thanks again.


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		Hi Sunmanagers,

		I am looking for information on the "keys" that are used on Sun servers. I
am talking about the physical keys used in the tumblers on the mid-range,
Enterprise, D1000/A1000, and the multipacks. I was looking for someone who may
have gotten them made and had the number that was used to have them cut. Any
information would be helpful.

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