Summary: Batch password reset help.

From: Loukinas, Jeremy <>
Date: Wed Nov 12 2003 - 09:40:06 EST
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Subject: RE: Batch password reset help.

I use sudo to do the work
for i in `cat flatfile name` #(cut username if necessary ( cut -f1 -d: )
	echo "doing $i
	sudo passwd <newpassword> <id from flatfile>

the first sudo needs a password, but if you run it from your terminal, then
you have 5 minutes without a request

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Subject: Batch password reset help.

I have an application that needs a massive number of user passwords reset.
The trick here is they do not have any sort of terminal on the machine. They
log directly into an application that uses unix authentication. I have been
tasked with changing a couple hundred passwds and I know there has got to be
easy way to pull this off. 
I have all the usernames in a flat file already. My first idea was to just
script a passwd -f on all the accounts, but these users will never log in @
the Unix level to change them. 
 Jeremy S. Loukinas        
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