SUMMARY: sunblade 1500

From: Gary Lopez <>
Date: Tue Nov 11 2003 - 17:47:28 EST
Good day all,
    Sorry had time to search archives, sorta looking for a quick fix.
But, I have a sunblade 1500 with OPB4.9.4, 512mb system. I am trying to
do a clean install form solaris 8 disks and I have tried the
installation disk as well as disk 1 of 2 to no avail. I get the error
mesg when I do boot cdrom for the OK prompt:

       cannot open filename kernel/sparcv9/unix

now I know it's looking fo rthis file on disk which apparently is not
there, but what can I do to change this to get the install going ?
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Gary Lopez ..

	Thanks to all who replied. Alex Madden, Jason Santos, Anatoliy, Darren, 
and a host of other people. Basically, although I recieved a new copy of 
the solaris 8 disks 2 mths ago, it was not the latest version. These 
disks were dated 02/02 and I needed at least 05/03 or later. I got my 
new copies in today and I am glad to say my re-install is going fine. 
Thanks for the quick responses. Keep up the GREAT WORK !!!!
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