SUMMARY: Mixing UltraSparc 2 with/without mirrored Ecache

From: DAUBIGNE Sebastien - BOR ( ) <>
Date: Thu Oct 23 2003 - 11:59:45 EDT
Thanks to Eugene, Hichael, Richard.
The answer is : it will work, but is neither advisable nor supported.

Here are detailled answers :

Eugene's :

Yes, it will definitely work.

Make sure that the speeds are the same though - this is required. You should
be using 400Mhz CPUs, based on what you are saying. This is when the
transition occurred. (use /usr/platform/sun4u/sbin/prtdiag to see what you

I would suggest moving a whole board at a time, if you have 400Mhz CPUs
(avoids torque wrenching)

The risk is higher:
	Straight math: The higher number of CPUs, the higher chance of
failure -
this is normal.
	Specific:	The non-mirrored cache CPUs have a higher failure
rate than
mirrored (also called Sombra) processors. As such this also contributes to

The last risk portion should be evaluated. If it is a mission critical
system, rather look for Sun Refurb Sombras or buy used from a reputable
second user dealer. The part number is X2580A. Ask for mirrored SDRAM AND
TAG CACHE CPUs (PN 501/5814 or 501-5815 or 501-6009 all have mirrored SDRAM
AND mirrored TAG CACHE, not just SDRAM) Other have non-mirrored SDRAM and/or
Tag cache!

See http://sunsolve/sun/com -> Sun System Handbook

Hichael's :
it is not supported.
sun support will require the configuration returned to a supported
configuration before servicing it.

it will probably work.

how important is your data?
can you take a degradation in performance?

you will be happier to get another mirrored ecache cpu.

Richard's :

This is fine as Sun have replaced some of our none mirrored with mirrored.
We now have some 400MHz 501-5838

Sebastien DAUBIGNE - +33(0)
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> Objet:	Mixing UltraSparc 2 with/without mirrored Ecache
> Do you know if it is supported to mix mirrored Ecache UltraSparc 2  with
> non-mirrored one in a single Ultra-Enterprise server (e.g. E6500) ?
> We have an E6500 with mirrored Ecache US2 and would like to add more CPU
> from a E6000 that has non-mirrored Ecache.
> Is there any chance it could work ?
> Is there any potential risk ?
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