SUMMARY: sscs only sees one array in 6320

From: Brian <>
Date: Sat Oct 11 2003 - 15:27:10 EDT
Problem was the SP, it had one of the first builds on it and it did not
support multiple 2x2's.  Sun came out, rebuilt the SP (I believe now build
32) and all is well.

Also, on another note, cfgadm will not configure the controller unless there
is a lun built on the array.

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Subject: sscs only sees one array in 6320

Hey all...having an issue with the new Sun 6320 StorEdge system and sscs.

Here is the issue:

- Host server is an E4500 w/sol 9 all patches prom flashed.
- We have 2 arrays in the system configured as a 2x2
- cfgadm sees all controllers and all are configured, arrays are on array00
is on c3 and c5, array01 is on c4 and c6
- luxadm shows all ports connected
- format sees all of the disks

- sscs list array only shows array00
- storaid sees both arrays

Do I have to somehow "register" the second array?  This stuff is so new I
cant find anything about it on google.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks all
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