SUMMARY: how to setup coredumpsize for XSun

From: Gerard Henry <>
Date: Thu Oct 09 2003 - 13:14:17 EDT
Thanks for reponses from people at work :)

Casper Dik:
Since Xsun is set-uid/set-gid, you will first need to enable                    
global set-uid core dumps using coreadm(1m).                                    
The default corelimit must be someone's doing as it is not the default:         
        someone started inetd with his own environment                          
        one of the startup files contains a "limit core 0" or "ulimit -c ..."   
Rene Occelli
dans le .cshrc
 limit coredumpsize 512
limit filesize 100000M
man coreadm

Ole-Morten Duesund
Not at all sure about the #ULIMIT=0 line in /etc/default/login, but are         
you sure there's no limit in /etc/profile, /etc/cshrc, /etc/.login,             
~/.profile, ~/.cshrc or ~/.login? There are so many of these files that         
it's easy to overlook one.                                                              

And from sun hotline, i have the correct command of coreadm:
mkdir /var/core
coreadm -e global -e global-setid -g /var/core/%f.%t

to ed, reading the man is more comprehensive after your helps.

On Thu, Oct 09, 2003 at 03:03:31PM +0200, Gerard Henry wrote:
> hello,
> i have to modify core file size, because i want XSun to generate a core dump.
> Now, when i login root, i do:
> serengheti-root% ulimit -a
> time(seconds)        unlimited
> file(blocks)         unlimited
> data(kbytes)         unlimited
> stack(kbytes)        8192
> coredump(blocks)     0
> nofiles(descriptors) 256
> vmemory(kbytes)      unlimited
> it is 0 under shell and Cshell. I want it unlimited. There is no ulimit -c 0 or limit coredumpsize 0 in any source files. I don't understand where i can look. The manual say that ulimit apply to current shell and its descendant. But i have to apply it for sunrays sessions.
> In /etc/default/login, i see the line:
> # ULIMIT sets the file size limit for the login.  Units are disk blocks.
> # The default of zero means no limit.
> #
> but it is commented. What is the real value? And when this file is read? at boot time?
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