SUMMARY: SunPCi partition

From: Kelly Ormsby <>
Date: Fri Sep 19 2003 - 00:34:29 EDT
Good enough for me :)

Thanks guys

At 09:46 AM 19/09/2003, you wrote:
>using the sunpci/400mhz card, we created 8gb partitions.
>Kelly Ormsby wrote:
>>I have a Solaris 8 machine (many of them actually) that have a SunPCi II 
>>card in them. Currently they are running Windows 2000 on a 2Gb image. 
>>Since these latest Windows exploits came out and the importance of having 
>>to patch these Windows installations has become more important I have 
>>started to find that they just won't handle the installation of service 
>>packs due to lack of space.
>>I have googled a bit to find this out but must have been using the wrong 
>>search string or something. What is the maximum size that I can make this 
>>image? Can Solaris handle a 3 or 4Gb image?
>>I will summarise to the list.
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