SUMMARY: Re: SUMMARY: Wacky VI/VIM Problem on Solaris

From: Sun Manager <>
Date: Wed Oct 29 2003 - 16:07:46 EST
My apoligies: Martin Schmitt was had the correct answer -- basically
when using vim, put into your .vimrc file:

set cpoptions-=x

Here is his full response (thanks Martin!):

You thought of executing a : or / command, but changed your mind.  To
get rid of what you already typed, without executing it, press CTRL-C or

        <Esc> is the universal "get out" key.  Unfortunately, in the
good old
        Vi pressing <Esc> in a command line executed the command!  Since
        might be considered to be a bug, Vim uses <Esc> to cancel the
        But with the 'cpoptions' option it can be made Vi compatible.
        when using a mapping (which might be written for Vi) <Esc> also
        Vi compatible.  Therefore, using CTRL-C is a method that always

If you are at the start of the command line, pressing <BS> will cancel
the command.  It's like deleting the ":" or "/" that the line starts

To disable this behaviour, put the following into your ~/.vimrc:

set cpoptions-=x

> On a related note, the behavior of backspace is different on Solaris 
> than linux as well.

Have you already run "stty erase <BS>" with <BS> being an actual press
of the backspace key? If you always come from the same terminal, put
this into your .profile and you should be fine.
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