Partial Summary: /var/adm/messages stops, dissapears.

From: Bruntel, Mitchell L, ALABS <>
Date: Thu Sep 18 2003 - 10:56:29 EDT
Thanks to Gene Siepka, who quickly pointed out that sanity checking your files
is ALWAYS helpful!
He noted that I was copying over the messages file in the section where I
re-copied the files

he said:

I believe your script is killing your /var/adm/messages file...
Try changing  the line:

/usr/bin/cp /dev/null /var/adm/messages


/usr/bin/cat /dev/null > /var/adm/messages


(original problem is that /var/adm/messages dissapears after a few minutes.)

***However-- mitch says (again) that those copies should ONLY
excute if file is NOT found this:

(And instead of re-clobbering my file which should exist, I decided to try >>
(append) instead.

  if [ ! -f /var/adm/messages ]; then
                        /usr/bin/cat /dev/null >> /var/adm/messages
                        /usr/bin/chmod 0644 /var/adm/messages

More if/when I figure out what is causing it to stop...
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