SUMMARY: Wacky VI/VIM Problem on Solaris

From: Sun Manager <>
Date: Wed Oct 29 2003 - 10:24:35 EST
Well, I received a lot of responses, most of which said ESC was working
as it "should" and that Linux changed things.  I did not however get any
solutions, other than to use CTRL-C to cancel.  One thing I was able to
do was:

stty intr ^[ but that changes it for the whole terminal session, not
just VI (in the terminal, CTRL-C to cancel a command no longer works).

Some people were confused by my question.  What I meant was:

Typing :wq! and then PRESSING ESC does NOT CANCEL the command, but
rather executes it (unlike on Linux where it cancels the command).

If anyone knows of a fix/workaround, let me know, and I will


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Subject: Wacky VI/VIM Problem on Solaris

Hi Everyone,

   I've got a very strange problem with vi and vim.  If I do say:

vi testfile <enter>
ithis is a test <esc><esc>

It actually saves the file INSTEAD of cancelling the command!  In Linux,
I do not have this problem. On a related note, the behavior of backspace
is different on Solaris than linux as well. Anyone have any ideas?

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