SUMMARY: Equinox/ELS-16 Terminal Server Issues

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Date: Sun Oct 05 2003 - 21:18:37 EDT
Hi guys.

Special awards go to the following for out of office replys:
Abeysekera, Krishani []
Manohar Nayak []
Glass, David []
Salum, Felipe []
Linnemann, Britta []
Vmer Cankardes []

I had one reply, thanks Randall Cruz, but that didn't clear the problem up.

After much, erm, angst shall we say, I tracked the problem down to the
RJ45->DB25 connector we were using. After some screwdriver related violence
directed at the plugs I discovered that there are quite a few different
pinout variations and that tripped us up.

We're now in the process of rewiring a few so they will work :)



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Subject: Equinox/ELS-16 Terminal Server Issues

Hi managers.

I'm having a rather annoying problem with Equinox ELS-16 terminal servers. I
have a couple of these to place in our datacentres so for any reason I can
bounce onto the console of our Sun boxes from work.

The problem is as follows.

We configured the term server in our office to talk to a E250 (Solaris 9) we
have here. That all worked fine so we took the TS out to our datacentre,
stuck it in the rack, changed the IP/Gateway and connected the serial ports
to our machines out there. This includes a 2x V880's, 1 Netra X1 and 1 V100.

Telneting to the TS's ip and using the respective port 3001-3016 we run into

Basicially we can connect fine but we get nothing displayed. No login
screen, nada. However if I leave the connection open for a period of time
and I do something via a ssh session that produces a message that goes to
the console, a SU for example, it will show on the screen.

root@somebox:~# telnet  3003
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
SU 10/03 14:38 + pts/2 tonyj-root

If I connect as above and I kill the console process:

root@targetbox:/# ps -ef |grep console
    root   900     1  0 11:53:05 console  0:00 /usr/lib/saf/ttymon -g -h -p
winston console login:  -T sun -d /dev/console -l

I get the following:

root@somebox:~# telnet 3003
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
SU 10/03 14:38 + pts/2 tonyj-root

#  WARNING: This is a restricted information node.
#           You must have prior authorization to access this system.
#           All connections are logged and monitored. By connecting to
#           to this system you fully consent to all monitoring.
#           Unauthorized access or use will be prosecuted to the full
#           extent of the law.  You have been warned.

targetbox console login:

I'm a bit stumped and playing with the various port options on the TS seem
to bring me no joy. Any help would be appreciated. I'll Summarise if I can
get it fixed :)

Kind regards

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