SUMMARY: jumpstarting sun fire v240

From: Adam and Christine Levin <>
Date: Mon Sep 22 2003 - 12:21:18 EDT
Thanks to:
Nancy Fisher <>
"Pohl, Stefan" <>
Manohar Nayak <>
"Granzow, Doug (NIH/NCI)" <>

for letting me know when they'll be back in their offices.

Thanks to:
"Selimaj, Naxhije" <>
"Hor, James" <>
Timothy Arnold <>
Mike Demarco <>

for pointing out that I need at least Solaris 8 12/02 to jumpstart the
V240.  I called Sun and they're sending me the latest Solaris 8 media set
through contract support.  Hopefully that'll solve the problem.

Original question below.  I guess we'll just be another day behind
schedule.  :)



Ok, I know I've seen messages fly by about the 210/240 servers.
Unfortunately, I didn't keep them, and lately I've had problems searching
the archive.

I'm only posting because we're behind schedule on this.

We just got a brandy-new v240.  I pulled the hard drive and put in a fresh
one (so as not to screw up the factory config), because I figured I'd have
trouble jumpstarting it.

My jumpstart server is an Ultra 2 running Solaris 8 with the latest
recommended cluster, plus these:
109889-02 (or newer)    platform links & libc_psr patch
111794-02 (or newer)   /usr/lib/ patch
112249-02 (or newer) patch
113679-01 (or newer)   rmc* and patch
113680-01 (or newer)   bge patch
113681-01 (or newer)   mc-us3i patch
113682-01 (or newer)   pmugpio patch
113683-01 (or newer)   todm5819p_rmc patch
113684-01 (or newer)   scadm patch

When I try to jumpstart, I get this on the V240's console:
Rebooting with command: boot net - install
Boot device: /pci@1f,700000/network@2  File and args: - install
100 Mbps HDX Link up
2aa00 100 Mbps HDX Link up
boot: cannot open kernel/sparcv9/unix
Enter filename [kernel/sparcv9/unix]:

I'm wondering: do I have to apply the 8_Recommended patch cluster to the
boot image to get kernel support for the V240 architecture, or is there
something else I'm doing wrong?

If I have to apply the patch cluster to the boot image, does anybody have
a quickref for that, or a pointer to an FAQ?  I'm sure I've seen this info
before, but now that we're behind schedule my boss is breathing down my

Much appreciated,
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