Summary: Problem in L9 Autoloader connecting to Sun Enterprise E420R

From: Noah Yan <>
Date: Mon Nov 10 2003 - 18:23:28 EST
Sorry for the late summary: Thanks very much for all the replies.

Problem: cannot connect L9 autoloader to E420R on-board SCSI adapter

Solution: install a differential SCSI card on PCI slot and connect

Detail(from Tony.Walsh@Sun.COM, which I think is a very summarized one):

The onboard SCSI connector on the E420R is for a Single Ended SCSI
controller, not a Differential SCSI controller of either type (LVD or

The L9 library (according to what you have indicated) contains a High
Voltage Differential SCSI controller (which really means all the
connectors on the L9 are HVD connections). Now if the L9 had an LVD
controller installed instead, 
then you could attach the library to the E420R SE controller as SE SCSI
and LVD 
SCSI are compatible (although you will loose some functionality as
throughput will be limited and cable length will be limited to 1.5m in
practice). HVD and SE SCSI are NOT compatible and if you are not very
careful, connecting an HVD 
controller to a SE controller could cause physical damage.

What you need is an X6541A Dual Differential Ultra/Wide SCSI
(UDWIS/P)(HVD) PCI card PN 375-0006 with the appropriate cables to
connect the L9.

Noah Yan
HPCtools Group
Department of Computer Science
University of Houston
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