SUMMARY: Finding the controller information of A1000

From: Sudhakar <>
Date: Fri Nov 07 2003 - 19:10:08 EST
Hi Gurus,
I'd like to thank the following people to have helped me with answers to my
question below:
Pascal Grostabussiat
David W Melnik
John Westerdale
Darren Dunham
Joe Fletcher
The answers that I was looking for(and obviously which I got from the
replies) were:
1. The A1000 has a single RAID controller and two connectors.
2. All the information with reference to A1000 can be found using the
commands /usr/lib/osa/bin

Thank you once again. You guys rock!!!



Hi Gurus,
>We have a server connected to an A1000. We are
planning to reorganize the LUNs
>on the array. I was looking at the VxVM config but I
can see only  one
>controller. But in Sun's A1000 documentation it was
mentioned that there is a
>single RAID controller module with two SCSI controllers.
>I'd appreciate if you can guide me onto how I can list
the controllers in the
>I will summarize.
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