SUMMARY: Sun e3500 Length of Fiber Channel Cable

From: Kevin Sindhu <Kevin.A.Sindhu_at_Mail.AC>
Date: Sat Sep 27 2003 - 11:20:49 EDT
Hi All,

	I would sincerely like to thank Alex J. Avriette, Scott Mickey  and 
Cris Lovett for their insightful emails.


The E3500 has two internal Fiber Channel loops:
loop 0 (zero) -also known as loop "L" (lower loop) and
loop 1 (one)  -also known as loop "U" (upper loop).
Loop "L" services the lower row of four internal disk
slots, and loop "U" services the upper row of four
internal disk slots.  A picture of the disk slots:
Most E3500 machines come from the factory with only
loop "L" available.  -Only the lower row of four disk
slots are functional.  On the back side of the E3500,
two GBICs and one fibre cable connecting them complete
loop "L", making it available for use.
To make the upper row of 4 internal disk slots available
you will need two additional X6731A GBICs and a second
fibre cable connecting them.  Once the additional two
GBICs and cable are in place, loop "U" becomes available
and the four upper disk slots can be populated with
disks.  There are six GBIC sockets on the back side of
a typical stock E3500, four on the left side and two on
the right side.  Pictures here:
So, where to install the 2 new GBICs?
Install one GBIC in the 3rd socket from the bottom on
the left side and the other in the upper socket on the
right side.  Also see:
E3500 machines typically come from the factory with
only two GBICs and one cable installed.  The GBICs are
in the lowest socket on the left and right sides to
complete loop "L".
For additional information, see:
Sun's 2m, 5m, or 15m cables all should work OK (X973A,
X9715A, and X978A).  However, I would suggest purchasing
two new Sun 2m X973A cables at the same time you get the
additional GBICs to avoid potential problems with possibly
worn/degraded optical cables which have an unknown history.

NOTE: One thing that everyone mentioned is to follow the bend radius 
(in this case 1.0 inch minimum bend radius rule). As this is my first 
time with a fiber cable, I had to go digging on what does bend radius 
mean and what impact can it have on the cable. Here's a link for those 
who're interested.
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