SUMMARY: how to connect X844A tape unit to SunBlade 100?

From: <>
Date: Fri Nov 07 2003 - 02:29:34 EST
My problem was as follows:

>I recently became responsible for a SunBlade 100 server running with 
>Solaris 8.   I need to perform a system backup to tape before installing 
>additional software...I have available an old SUN tape unit, Model 411, 
>Service Number X844A-NC, and 160M 8mm tapes.  I have ordered a 
>cable to connect the 50 pin connector in the old tape drive to the 
>narrow 68 pin connector in the SCSI card.  I would greatly appreciate 
>advice as to:  1. the steps required to connect this old tape drive to the 
>new SunBlade 100, and 2. if I need to download and install a special 
>device driver from somewhere so that this tape unit will be recognized, 
>where can I find it?

The follow persons sent replies and I am grateful for their help:

Eugene Schmidt (who identified my tape unit as an Exabyte 8505 XL and also
patiently explained what a terminator is and what the number dial on the
back of the tape unit is for)
Gerard Henry (for boot -r info)
Tim Chipman (for his reassurance)
Jay Lessert (for directing me to
Andrew Hay (for probe-scsi-all command info)

I finally received the correct cable yesterday and installed the tape unit
this morning without any problems.  I did the following:

1. did a probe-scsi-all to find out the IDs of currently connected SCSI
2. set the counter on the back of the tape unit to the next available ID
3. powered off the machine and connected the SCSI cable between tape unit
and server and power cord of the tape unit
4. powered on the machine and did a probe-scsi-all.  Tape unit was visible
5. entered boot -r command.  The machine started up without any error

Many thanks.

Marian Russell
Vienna, Austria

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