SUMMARY: jb_config error requiring a passthrough driver

From: <>
Date: Fri Oct 17 2003 - 10:10:27 EDT
Hi there,

Fisrt of all thanks to R A Lichtensteiger and Larry J Philen for their
ideas and solutions.
I remove and reisntalled SUNWsbus2 package which is the same as
LGTOdrvr, the first one belongs to Solstice Backup and the second to
Legato as the two are the same product.
Second I make the link to lus device

ln -s /devices/.../lus@0,0:0 /dev/lus

so /etc/LGTOuscsi/inquire can find all devices, but I see only one
DLT7000 instead of all 6 that the SUN StorEDGE L20 has. After that I
put the system to ok prompt (240R) and a probe-scsi-all found again
only 1 DLT. Checking the cables, the one from DLT1 to DLT2 was not
plugged correctly. I wouder why there wasn't any scsi error, but after
that all went as a matter of fun and jb_config finished successfuly.

Best Regard,

Kurosh Khan-Afshar

Kurosh Khan-Afshar
Profesor Asociado del Departamento
de Ingenieria Electronica
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Campus de Leganes
Tel. 656898257

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Asunto: jbconfig error requiring a passthrough driver
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Fecha: Wed, 15 Oct 2003 00:06:21 +0200 (CEST)

Hello community,

I have been navegating all around www to find out how can a HP jukebox
be correctly set, but no light. The error I get is about a passthrough
driver but I have not found any kind of passthrough driver in HP site
nor in legato or sun sites, niether a clear documentation. Here is what
I get when running jbconfig, the system is a SUN server 420 with
solaris 8:

sebastian:/usr/sbin/nsr #> ./jb_config
         1) Install a SmartMedia Jukebox.
         2) Install an Autodetected SCSI Jukebox.
         3) Install an SJI Jukebox.
         4) Install an RLM Jukebox.
         5) Install an STL Silo.

What kind of Jukebox are you installing? [1] 2
These are the SCSI Jukeboxes currently attached to your system:
  1) scsidev@2.0.0: Standard SCSI Jukebox, Vendor <HP>, Product
Which one do you want to install? 1
Installing an 'Standard SCSI Jukebox' jukebox.
Name you would like to assign to the jukebox device? tricky-des
Pathname of the control port for the jukebox device? [scsidev@2.0.0]
Unable to access device "Standard SCSI Jukebox" on control port

Have you already installed the "drivers" package on this machine?
(yes/no) no

You must install the LUS SCSI passthrough driver before configuring
a SCSI jukebox with this program.

If I answer yes to the last question I get:

Have you already installed the "drivers" package on this machine?
(yes/no) yes
There appears to be something incorrect about your driver
installation.  Please consult your driver documentation
to help you troubleshoot your installation.

Any help would be greatly apreciated,

Kurosh Khan-Afshar
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