SUMMARY: Sizing /var/crash system with 32gb mem

From: Loukinas, Jeremy <>
Date: Tue Oct 14 2003 - 10:49:19 EDT
It appears by default the system only dumps kernel pages. So sizing for the
entire memory is unnecessary .

 Jeremy S. Loukinas        

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     You don't need anywhere close to 32 GB.  When the system panics, it 
doesn't write the entire contents of memory to /var/crash upon bootup, 
just the "interesting" pages, which, as far as I can tell, is primarily 
the pages used by the kernel and it's data structures.

     So, if you've got plenty of disk to waste, you can make it 32 GB and 
be "safe."  However, I personally wouldn't size it more than 4-8 GB. 


Kevin Buterbaugh - Unix System Administrator wrote on 10/13/2003 08:39:56 AM:

> I have a V880 with 32gb memory that will be used for an Oracle database. 
> the past I have only worked with machines that had a few gb of memory so
> sizing /var/crash to a couple gb was no problem to provide a good crash 
> if needed. 
> Would it be viable to make /var/crash 32gb as to make sure I will get a 
> crash dump if needed?
>  Jeremy S. Loukinas 
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