SUMMARY (Update): How to check fdx/hdx network status (fwd)

From: Jordi Vidal <>
Date: Thu Oct 16 2003 - 12:30:15 EDT
Hi again :-)

	I dont see link_mode and link_speed parameters for a /dev/ce 
(gigabit capable) interface. The same question is unresolved in the 

	So netsat -k seems to be more useful here:
link_speed 100 link_duplex 1 link_asmpause 0 link_pause 0 
link_speed 100 link_duplex 2 link_asmpause 0 link_pause 0 

	Where "1" has to be half-duplex and "2" full-duplex (In this box,
I have seen the status in dmesg output)

	If I try with ndd:

root# ndd /dev/ce link_status
operation failed: Invalid argument
root# ndd /dev/ce ?
?                             (read only)
instance                      (read and write)
adv_autoneg_cap               (read and write)
adv_1000fdx_cap               (read and write)
adv_1000hdx_cap               (read and write)
adv_100T4_cap                 (read and write)
adv_100fdx_cap                (read and write)
adv_100hdx_cap                (read and write)
adv_10fdx_cap                 (read and write)
adv_10hdx_cap                 (read and write)
adv_asmpause_cap              (read and write)
adv_pause_cap                 (read and write)
link_master                   (read and write)
use_int_xcvr                  (read and write)
enable_ipg0                   (read and write)
ipg0                          (read and write)
ipg1                          (read and write)
ipg2                          (read and write)
rx_intr_pkts                  (read and write)
rx_intr_time                  (read and write)
red_dv4to6k                   (read and write)
red_dv6to8k                   (read and write)
red_dv8to10k                  (read and write)
red_dv10to12k                 (read and write)
tx_dma_weight                 (read and write)
rx_dma_weight                 (read and write)
infinite_burst                (read and write)
disable_64bit                 (read and write)


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Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2003 17:27:53 +0200 (CEST)
From: Jordi Vidal <>
Subject: How to check fdx/hdx network status


	How can I know if my network card is working at 100Mbps fdx or 
100Mbps hdx?.

	I have no fisical access, so I cannot plug/unplug the UTP and
tail -f dmesg output.

	"ndd /dev/ce" reports "1" for all capabilities

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