SUMMARY: How to check fdx/hdx network status (fwd)

From: Jordi Vidal <>
Date: Thu Oct 16 2003 - 12:16:55 EDT
Thanks for the quick answer to:

Rob De Langhe        
Hargrave, Mark E
Davis, Uly 
Ximo Domenech    

	The way to check link speed (10/100) and Duplex mode (Full/half) 
is to get it from "ndd /dev/ce" parameters link_mode and link_speed.

ndd -set instance 0             (for ce0/hme0/whatever0)

Duplex Mode:
ndd -get /dev/ce link_mode
0 -> half
1 -> full

Link Speed:
ndd -get /dev/ce link_speed
0 -> 10 Mbps
1 -> 100 Mbps

I also get a response about use "netstat -k", but I thing the above is 


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	How can I know if my network card is working at 100Mbps fdx or 
100Mbps hdx?.

	I have no fisical access, so I cannot plug/unplug the UTP and tail
-f dmesg output.

	"ndd /dev/ce" reports "1" for all capabilities

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