SUMMARY2: Solaris 8 char password limit

From: Kevin Sindhu <Kevin.A.Sindhu_at_Mail.AC>
Date: Tue Oct 14 2003 - 11:22:42 EDT
Just a quick update on an email Casper Dik just sent. I think this 
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Subject: Re: SUMMARY: Solaris 8 char password limit
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2003 10:19:04 +0200
From: Casper Dik <>
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>Other Solution as proposed by Steve Sandau was to use npasswd. - 

Checking the npasswd documentation one finds:


       Usage 		Type 	Default value
     passwd.MaxPassword 	number 	8*

	Sets the maximum effective length for passwords. This reflects
	a limitation of the standard crypt(3), which encrypts only the
	initial 8 characters of the plaintext. On Ultrix and Digital
	UNIX (aka OSF/1) with enhanced security, this limit is 16.

	It is not an error for a password to be longer than the
	maximum, but the password checker can be configured to issue a
	warning. See passwd.LengthWarn.

Which clearly indicates that npasswd does not support passwords
over 8 characters (certainly, the length of password which is supported
by npasswd is irrelevant as it is the OS crypt() routine which
decides what works.

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