SUMMARY - Slightly OT - Telnet?

From: Pablo Jejcic <>
Date: Mon Nov 10 2003 - 10:08:22 EST
Great Response again!!!

Perfect list. As usual, many good ideas, thanks to:

Eric Paul
Danil Denes

	The problems, was one the DNS master server for the network. We are
relying for some parts of the resolution on that one. The Admin of that
server restart BIND, and everything start again working smoothly and even
faster :)

Thanks a lot again.


Ps> Origianl post below.

	OK, Last week, you helped me to solve one of the problems here. I
thought that problem was the root of many, I wasn't wrong, but not all the
problems were related to that one :(... 
	So, I'm having one small problem, inside my vlan, usually we need to
interact with another vlan, so we usually telnet to their servers and they
telnet to mine. 
	Now the problem:
1) If I telnet from a Unix machine, I can connect with the machine on the
other vlan without any problem.
2) If I telnet from a windows machine, I do not receive any message back or
login screen, only the c:\> prompt. 

	Is not a huge problem, but I can't figure out why machines using the
same dns server, the same gateway, on the same vlan, can't telnet to the
same server.
	A few other servers give me the same behaviour, and a few other work

Any thoughts?


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