SUMMARY: PCMP - Patch Comparison Utility

From: BAUMLER Julie L <>
Date: Fri Nov 07 2003 - 18:46:16 EST
Neil D Quiogue came through with a link to an alternate location for PCMP:
This time I'll take better care of my copy, because this is a handy little

Thanks also to Paul Guglielmino who sent me a copy of a similar tool he'd
written to work on the output of Sun's

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Subject: PCMP - Patch Comparison Utility

I am looking for a copy of PCMP, the Patch Comparison Utility, which was
available at as recently as
mid-September, and listed the patch differences between two systems.  It
isn't much more than a slightly intellegent diff, but it provides useful
information quickly.  I have two essentially identical systems that are
exhibiting different behavior, and thought this would be the most useful
first step in figuring out what is going on.  



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