SUMMARY: Maximum File Descriptors in Solaris 8

From: neil d quiogue <>
Date: Fri Nov 07 2003 - 16:25:18 EST

I got a number of responses but Noelette Stout put it best saying about a document in SunSolve.  A search in SunSolve elicited document id 01406.  It also gives some developer guidelines on the maximum open files.

64-bit Solaris should be capable of up to 65536 (default hard fd limit) for Solaris 9.  So this should be the case for Solaris 8 (64-bit) also.

A note to those who asked me questions.  The soft limit shouldn't be touched system wide.  It should be done either on a per environment basis (ulimit) or a per application basis.

Again, much thanks for everyone's insights.

Regards, Neil
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