SUMMARY: pam_ldap: Cannot contact LDAP server

From: <>
Date: Thu Nov 06 2003 - 15:13:50 EST
Thanks the reply from

Please excuse my lacking of knowledge.

The problem is the stunnel doesn't start automatically after reboot. After
I start the stunnel, the problem solved.
For the warning I got this morning, I still need to check.



Original message:

Hi all,

I got this warning this morning in my log file but doesn't know what it

Nov  6 10:04:31 joy ipmon[165]: [ID 702911 local0.warning] 10:04:30.898492
eri0 @0:18 b -> PR icmp len 20 28 icmp echo/0

Can anyone shed a light?

And also, my Pam authentication broken after I update openssh to 3.7.1p2.
I finallygot it fixed. But when yesterday, a guy from SUN replaced a bad
card and wereboot the machine. I found I only can login as a root but not a
user. Theerror message is like this:

Nov  6 11:44:01 joy sshd[3431]: [ID 800047] Illegal user mqing
Nov  6 11:44:01 joy sshd[3431]: [ID 800047]
illegal user mqing
Nov  6 11:44:01 joy sshd[3431]: [ID 800047] Failed none for
illegal usermqing from port 36396 ssh2
Nov  6 11:44:01 joy sshd[3431]: [ID 800047] Postponed
keyboard-interactivefor illegal user mqing from port 36396
Nov  6 11:44:11 joy sshd[3431]: [ID 800047] Connection closed by
Nov  6 11:44:22 joy sshd[3437]: [ID 280705 auth.error] pam_ldap:
ldap_simple_bindCan't contact LDAP server

Many thanks!

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