SUMMARY: routing question - more info

From: Brian <>
Date: Thu Nov 06 2003 - 10:45:16 EST
Many thanks to Charles for this answer!

just doing:

ifconfig hme0 deprecated

did not work....what i ended up doing was change the hostname.hme0 file to: netmask deprecated up addif hostfloat up

and thanks to everyone else for the suggestions!  Some of the route stuff
worked as well, but this option seems a bit more straight forward.


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Subject: RE: routing question - more info

Due to overwhelming response that there was not enough is round

I would like to force all outbound to the virtual interface (hme0:1).  This
interface floats between servers using cluster server.  The reason I need to
do this is because of firewall issues...i know you can specify a route to
one (or many) specific hosts...and that works, but there are WAY too many
hosts and they change often

The IP info:

(static) hme0:
(float)  hme0:1
Gateway: (default route)

Currently all of the traffic is going out of hme0, and I need it all to go
out of hme0:1

Things I have tried so far:

1. ifconfig hme0 deprecated
2. ifconfig hme0 metric 1
3. Set the mask of hme0 to
3. An endless amount of route stuff...all seemed to get me nowhere

Thanks all

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Subject: routing question


    My head is spinning, and i need some help with it is:

I have a virtual IP and the regular IP (hme0 and hme0:1).  How do i force
all outbound traffic over the virtual IP?

note...these are on the same mask

solaris 8.

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