Summary: V240 and monitor problem [Sun Managers]

From: <>
Date: Mon Nov 03 2003 - 20:55:42 EST
I used <cntrl> <pause> which sent brak and brought the system to OK prom.
Then next time around I chose Dec vt100 terminal and I was able to install OS from terminal.
Then I installed video card drivers with SUN USB keyboard plugged in and it worked!

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From: Rongsheng Fang <>
Date: Monday, November 3, 2003 2:50 pm
Subject: V240 and monitor problem [Sun Managers]

> Hi,
> I saw a post you sent to the sunmanagers list on Oct 10, 2003:
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> Hello
> New v240 came without video card so we installed appropriate PCI 
> video 
> card and started the system.  System boots from disk and does not 
> recognize 
> video card probably becase we have not installed drivers for it yet.
> We  connected Hyperterminal to serial management port and saw the 
> system 
> sitting at language configuration menu.  We went on till the point 
> where 
> it asked to identify terminal and by mistake we selected some 
> terminal 
> which it is not happy with.  The configuration menu is all screwed 
> up 
> and we see  press esc-2 to continue and cursor is now all over the 
> place.  
> We can not continue configuring this system anymore.  Everytime we 
> reconnect or power cycle (because there is no stop-A sequence on 
> the 
> keyboard) we end up at the menu where it asks for IP address but 
> again 
> cursor and text is all over the place.  We started in diagnostic 
> mode 
> and it wants to boot from net and gives ARP/RARP errors because 
> network 
> card is not configured yet.
> How do I get in to this system and get back to menu where it asks 
> for 
> terminal via Hyperterminal?  How do I use stop-A to boot from 
> CDROM where 
> hopefully it will ask for terminal?  We need to get in to system 
> to install 
> video card drivers for monitor to work.  How do I make it forget 
> the setting 
> it picked initially when we booted from disk first time? Any help 
> is appreciated.
> ===================================================================================
> We are having the same problem (messy terminal) with our V240. 
> Have you 
> solved this problem so far? If so, could you please share with me 
> your 
> solution?
> Thanks very much,
> Rongsheng
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