SUMMARY: Bash core dumping on unknown commands using padl nss_ldap

From: Joćo Miguel Chaves <>
Date: Thu Oct 30 2003 - 10:12:21 EST
Thanks to casper dik for the debugging tips!

Here's a small summary for anyone having this problem.
The problems seem to be with SUN's ldap libraries, or the way nss_ldap 
from PADL uses them.
I compiled nss_ldap against openldap instead of using the system 
libraries and the problem is gone.

Used nss_ldap-211 and openldap-2.1.22


>>Hi all, need some help figuring this out. My standard SUNWbash is core 
>>dumping on unkown commands after i try to complete a username.
>>We have nsswitch.conf so that users are first looked at in the passwd, 
>>then in our ldap server.
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