[SUMMARY] Setting sshd uid?

From: John.B.Kelly <John.B.Kelly_at_ul.ie>
Date: Thu Oct 23 2003 - 12:58:14 EDT
Hello All,

My query related to specifying the uid of the sshd user created during ssh
installation, whether changing the uid subsequently would cause any problems
and whether there was an easy way to change this uid.

Thanks to 

Chris Pinnock
Andrew Hay
Colin Bigam 
Aleks Pavic

for their suggestions.

Basically the consensus was that no problems should result from changing the
uid as long as the sshd daemon is restarted. Aleks recommended that I use
the usermod command to change the uid without having to delete and recreate
the account but I had done that by the time I received his mail. Using the
-u option of useradd in the "guts" of the openssh install programme would
allow me to specify the userid which I wanted to be allocated to the sshd
user. Another option (thanks to Colin for this) which doesn't involve
deleting the user is described below:

You can change the UID in the /etc/passwd file directly (edit with
/usr/ucb/vipw). After that, do a find on the root directory to change
and files with the old UID to the new one. Something like:
# find / -user 1101 -exec chown sshd {} \;

Anyway, thanks again to everybody who replied,
John Kelly.
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