SUMMARY: Postfix/Solaris resolver issues (n2a)

From: Markus Schlup <>
Date: Wed Oct 22 2003 - 08:05:06 EDT
The problem seems to be fixed now. Casper Dik gave me the solution:

Postfix's chrooted environment was located on a partition that was mounted
with the option "nosuid". For Solaris this means also "no devices" ... so
postfix was not able to access my chrooted /dev files. Postfix is now on its
own partition which is mounted with the setuid option.

Thanks for the help,

>>> "Markus Schlup" <> 10/16/03 03:22pm >>>
I'm constantly getting the following messages in my syslog:

Oct 16 14:35:05 mail postfix/smtpd[27919]: [ID 326624 mail.error] n2a
get_local_info: open to get interface configuration: No such file or

>From googling around I learned that it has something to do with Solaris
resolver libraries, in fact the command strings shows the apropriate string
within the /usr/lib/ shared library. I didn't find any further
documentation on this, so can someone give me a hint? Is it Solaris-related


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