SUMMARY: Solaris 1.1.2 (SunOS 4.1.4) NIS -- can't find domain

From: <>
Date: Tue Oct 07 2003 - 14:47:30 EDT
My original post was a mess.  Here it is again:

Hi, everyone,

I wrote about legacy SparcStation 5 and 10 systems running Solaris 1.1.2/SunOS 4.1.4 systems which arrived from a now closed office and needed new IP addresses. I did run /usr/etc/install/sys-unconfig and then go through a manual configuration.  At first they wouldn't communicate at all.   I took some hard coding of netmask and broadcast address a previous admin had done in /etc/rc.local, added an appropriate line to /etc/netmasks, did put the NIS master and slave in /etc/hosts.equiv, did put appropriate entries in /etc/hosts, /etc/resolv.conf, /etc/defaultdomain, and /etc/defaultrouter.   The net result is that the box is now up on the network and resolving fine through DNS.  The minute I try to put it back into the NIS domain is when I run into trouble.  It won't see the NIS master and won't see the domain.  This despite the fact that I can communicate with the NIS master and slave just fine via telnet, ftp, ping, etc...


Suggestions included:

>You may want to be a bit more precise about "won't see the master" etc.

At boot ypbind starts, it then tries to start the RPC keyserver and hangs with a repeated message:  

NIS: Can't find server for domain "<domainname>"; still trying

It will never successfully boot into multiuser mode at that point.  I can boot in single user mode, disable NIS, and then it will boot up fine.

After doing so:

>Is it failing to bind?

No.  Actually the rpc keryserver was the failure point.

> what does ypwhich show?

It did show the master server once I got ypbind running :)

> You may want to run etherfind,
> which is the sunos 4.x equivalent of snoop, to see what the
> machine is doing.

It showed the normal, expected traffic.


> Try doing a ypinit -c   so that they know who the master server is.

ypinit -c came up as an invalid option.


Got it!  I added a ypbind -ypsetme command to /etc/rc.local and a ypset command to the IP address of the master.  It booted properly and ypinit -s ran fine.  I then edited out the additions from /etc/rc.local


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