Summary: StorEdge Traffic Manager and EMC Symmetrix

From: Bob Jones <>
Date: Tue Oct 07 2003 - 13:59:31 EDT
Well, I only received one response from the list, but I did talk to Sun 
which told me what is going on.  If you're using a 3rd party storage 
solution (such as EMC), you must use a HBA that uses the Leadville (ssd) 
driver.  A card using the sd driver (such as Emulex) will not work.  At 
this point on QLogic and JNI cards that can use the Leadville driver are 
supported (and work at all).  Original message is below.

Bob Jones

>Hey all. I've read the Traffic Manager docs and done online searches, 
>but can find very little detail about connecting a SunFire 280R running 
>Solaris 9 to an EMC Symmetrix, using 2 Emulex HBAs, and using Traffic 
>Manager to handle failover.
>I've installed the Traffic Manager (TM) packages and the required 
>patches for TM, and made the required modifications to 
>/kernel/drv/scsi_vhci.conf but I still can't get TM to combine the paths 
>as advertised.
>I've ran the inq command EMC provides and the Vendor ID comes back as 
>EMC and the Product ID comes back as SYMMETRIX. In the docs it says that 
>VID must be 5 characters and PID 8 characters. I've tried various 
>combinations of EMC and SYMMETRIX and SYMMETRI (due to length 
>restriction) and spaces and such, but still, it doesn't work.
>One thing I've noticed is that every reference I've found to TM always 
>mentions QLogic HBAs. Is that the only HBA that TM supports? Has anyone 
>successfully used TM to connect to an EMC Symm and provide failover?
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