Summary: Fwd: Re: Sun Cross Reference List

From: Mike Myers <>
Date: Wed Oct 01 2003 - 10:23:18 EDT

Well thanks to the help of Dave Foster, he has posted the list for me so we 
can all have access to the cross reference list.  Here is the link: .  Thank you 
list and I hope this will help you all out!


 > Well folks here is the list... I was wrong the file is in Adobe. I tried 
 > monkey with it a little, but was unsuccessful.  If you have trouble 
 > let me know and I can have the vendor forward you some other format if 
 > so chose or I can have them forward to me for you, whichever you prefer.
 > I did hint to my vendor that I would be sending this to some other 
 > I knew and he didn't seem to mind. I know that there was quite a bit of 
 > involved, so if you have something you need consider giving him a chance. 
 > has been good to me so far. Heck he shared this with me, more than I can 
 > for Sun half the time.
 > Well I hope this helps. And David, if you want to post let me know and I 
 > summarize to the group.  Have a great weekend everyone!
 > Cheers,
 > Michael E. Myers

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