SUMMARY: problem: Solaris 8 sparc using cdrecord + volmgt

From: Vaughn, Nathaniel (N-DCT Systems) <>
Date: Wed Sep 24 2003 - 13:55:45 EDT
Has anyone had any success with using cdrecord (w/ external Plextor CDRW),
and having volmgt running successfully on Solaris 8 (sparc)?  Even on
cdrecord's official website, they stress that for cdrecord to work with this
set-up volume management must be disabled.  I have a user with a Sunblade
150, who very much wants to use both his internal cdrom, and floppy, while
also utilizing his plextor running cdrecord.  I wrote a script that will
successfully send a stop or start to /etc/init.d/volmgt at the users
request.  I even have it so that the user's real & effective ID is changed
root (for testing). It does work effectively, but it seems that volmgt is
very flaky.  Working sometimes, and not other times.  Does anyone have any

Thank You, and have a great day.
Nate Vaughn 
DCT Systems Group 

First, please let me thank you all for the excellent replies.  Both Frode
Stromsvag, and Lieven marchand hit it on the head.  I also received many
e-mails from others wanting to know the solution, because it is a known
problem.  At any rate, both Frode, and Lieven, pointed to the vold.conf
file.  Basically the line that reads: " use cdrom drive /dev/rdsk/c*s2 cdrom%d ".  Needs to be edited to be more specific.  We do not
need volmgt to control the CDRW, just the cdrom, and floppy, so we edited
for only the needed cdrom (/dev/rdsk/c0t1*s2).  I have confirmed that this
does work properly.  It seems that the answer was simple and clear.  I'll
slap myself for that one.  But thank you all very much.  And have a great

Thank You, and have a great day.
Nate Vaughn 
DCT Systems Group 

Frode Stromsvag's
Make notice of the line

use cdrom drive /dev/rdsk/c0t6*s2 cdrom%d

in the attached /etc/vold.conf file.  By specifying the devices you
want to be controlled by volume management and not including
the CDRW device you are ready to go......

Restart volume manager after having done the changes

	/etc/init.d/volmgt stop
	/etc/init.d/volmgt start
------Lieven Marchand's
Have you tried removing the plextor from /etc/vold.conf?
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