SUMMARY: qualstar library with E250

From: Nicole Skyrca <>
Date: Wed Sep 24 2003 - 10:50:09 EDT
I recieved a few responses.  One person said they were using an 80 slot
AIT2 library on an E250 with SBU 6.1.3, and that it was working fine.  You
just have
to make sure you have enough disk for indexes, and put the right additions to
the st.conf file.   Another person was using a Qualstar 4480 with an Ultra 80
had no problems.  They said "at one point had to run devfsadm to create
devices manually, didn't happen
automagically after 'boot -r'."

I was particularly worried about HBA's.  I ran across one users on another
list using the TLS-412180 with an E250 (it's similar to my library with less
slots), and they
use the following card:
Antares PCI SCSI-2U2WL Dual Ultra-2 LVD SCSI HBA P/N P-0069

I also talked with Qualstar, and they said that this is a valid configuration,
and that
many people use Solstice Backup without a problem.  As for the cards, they
just to make sure that if your library has the high voltage differential
option, that your HBAs are high
voltage differential, and if its low voltage differential make sure the HBAs
are LVD.  Sun
quoted me this card, and Qualstar said it should work, since our library is

X6758A PCI dual-channel Ultra-3 differential SCSI host adaptor  (which I found
is LVD)

Thanks for the help!!

Original Question:

We have a Qualstar TLS-412360 library (AIT2 drives) that we are planning on
attaching to an
E250, and running it with Solstice Backup 6.1.3.  Does anyone have a similar
configuration? How does it work?  Did you have any problems getting SBU to
work with the Qualstar? What about hardware issues?

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