SUMMARY: Sparcstation 20 woes

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Date: Fri Oct 24 2003 - 09:56:57 EDT when Jim first suggested an unseated processor, I was a little
skeptical, since that was the one component I was pretty sure was left

What I did know, however, is that someone who probably should have never
been messing around in a Sparc box had added/reconfigured the SS20's

I looked at the SS20 memory diagram on sunsolve, and POST showed me that
this person had installed 16 and 32 MB memory chips, but not according to
Sun's blueprints....the chips were scattered amongst the memory banks at
random, whereas Sun suggests installing the memory in order from highest to

Then I got Peter's email, which echoed Jim's processor response...

I opened the case, reseated the processor for good measure, and removed all
memory EXCEPT one 32 MB chip, seated in the first available memory
this point, I powered the system, and boom, right into Solaris...POST is
fine, OBP Diags are fine, Solaris is fine (relatively speaking, of course

I haven't tested, but my gut tells me that if I install the rest of the
memory, one chip at a time, in descending size order, everything will STILL
be fine....

I wish I knew how the processor became unseated...but I suspect probably the
same way the memory got installed ;-)   I don't know why it's always so hard
for me to accept that problems are hardware related...I swear I'd spend DAYS
working on the software before I blame the hardware...


Again, thank you list, thanks Jim, and thanks Peter...original problem post
is detailed below....


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On Thu, 2003-10-23 at 14:29, wrote:
> Hey All,
> Got a second-hand Sparcstation 20 that I am trying to 
> configure.....every time I try to boot the machine, I get "WARNING: 
> Processor level 5 SBus interrupt not serviced" scrolling down my 
> screen forever, and no Solaris....ran all POST tests, and reset OBP, 
> and all OBP diags, and all seems to check out....
> I've found a bunch of info on different interrupt levels on the 
> web....most find these errors in their messages file, during Solaris 
> operation, but I can't even get past this error at OBP.... another 
> suggestion was to reconstruct the kernel's device tree with a boot -r, 
> but I don't think the boot process gets far enough in for this to have 
> any effect....
> SO....
> Anyone seen this before? Am I going to have to open the box and play 
> with jumpers? I wish I could provide more info on the machine's 
> history, but I have no idea what it's old owners did to it....
> Will summarize.....
> TIA,....J.~
> Jason Shatzkamer, MCSE, SSA
> Corporate Express Imaging
> 1096 E Newport Center Drive
> Suite # 300
> Deerfield Beach, FL 33442
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