SUMMARY: No console framebuffer

From: Daniel Baldoni <>
Date: Thu Oct 02 2003 - 01:41:18 EDT
G'day folks,

Sorry for the delay in getting this summary out, but I've been a bit
"under the weather" and wanted to actually test the solution (I phoned
it through to the site but wanted to be sure - I embarrass myself often
enough without doing it here as well <grin>).

Anyhow, thanks go to (as usual) Casper and Matthew Stier - both of whom
pointed out we were probably missing packages from the original install.
The four packages (all on the Software 1 (of 2) CD) in question are:

	SUNWffb, SUNWffbx, SUNWffbcf, SUNWffbw

I installed them in the order listed above with a simple pkgadd.  I
could find no mention of these packages in any patches which make up a
very recent Recommended patch cluster and the machine appears to be
working just fine.  I did notice that (at least) SUNWffb's pkginfo
mentions a patch (sorry, don't have the number handy) as part of the
build - but this CD was a 12/02 distribution - your mileage may vary
with older releases.

Several other folks reminded me about the good old 'boot -r' but that
hand't helped in this case (as the drivers weren't installed).  Why?  Well,
Solaris is "clever enough" to not install drivers for hardware you don't
have - and the key here was "it was not present during the OS install".
What tripped me up is that the onboard VGA is an M64 so that's what I got
into my head was the problem - of course the Creator is something else

Anyhow, once again my thanks to you all.  Ciao.

My original question was:
> A recently (re)built Ultra 10 has now been fitted with a Creator card (it
> was not present during the OS install).  The installed OS (and patched
> with the latest Recommended cluster) is 8 2/02.  But, the machine
> complains during boot that "Cannot find driver for console framebuffer"
> and X refuses to display on the console (although the server, dtgreet, etc.
> are running).
> I have done some google'ing and gotten a local sysadmin (I'm not on site
> today) has applied patch 108606-31 and rebooted - but with no apparent
> effect.

In all the years I've been on sun-managers, I've *NEVER* known Casper to give
an incorrect answer.  Are you a mere mortal like the rest of us - or some
omniscient being? :-)

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