SUMMARY: Deleting mails from sendmail

Date: Wed Oct 01 2003 - 16:14:54 EDT
Thanks to Alexei and John for quick responses and confirming my fears that a
file delete would be necessary.  Additional thanks to Alexei for suggesting
using 'mailq' to look at what's in the queue. No thanks to those who auto
reply with out-of-office and resend-for-spam messages.

The bottom line is to use 'mailq' to see whats in the queue and their
dispostion (additional thanks to Alexei for that).  The output will list the
QID's which can be used to delete all of the relevant files a( use
/var/spool/mqueue/*$QID).  Not exactly fool-proof, but it will have to do.

Now I have to find which process continues to send to the 'dead' email


The orginal question:
> Situation: Using aliases we set up root's emails to go individual external
> Exchange accounts (no choice). One of the administrators decides to send
> to a Sun workstation. All of this works until the lone wolf admin leaves
> company and/or his workstation is permanently offline. From there the other
> members of the alias get warning and error messages about failed and timed
> out
> messages that where queued before the aliases where changed.
> Question: Is there a safe way to clean up the sendmail requests after they
> have been queued.
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