SUMMARY: serial console doesn't work and cause system die

From: Jeremy Jin _at_ Nucleus <_at_>
Date: Wed Sep 17 2003 - 12:14:35 EDT
Original Message:
I tried to boot my Ultra 1 with serial console but got trouble.

What I did is,


setenv output-device ttya
setenv input-device ttya

and then connect serial port A to a PC's serial port A, open a Windows 2000
hyper terminal,to try to boot the Ultra 1 from that serial console.
Unfortunately that doesn't work. I cannot see any message from either
monitor or the hyper terminal.
The computer is toally not able to boot up now!

What I tried next,

Open the box, find the NVRAM, and the plug it out, (I think it will flush
the content of it), but it didn't help.
I tried to find where is battery, but I failed to find one.

I Got Replies from: (Hopefully I didn't miss somebody)

Anthony A. D. Talltree
Glenn J Franshaw
Hichael Morton
John DiMarco Kim Lee
Rich Teer
Matthew Stier

Possible Reason:

The console cable probably is incorrect. Actually I don't know if it is a
console, It looks like one,
so I tried it. I didn't expect that the computer would be totally

In this case (a computer to another computer serial port directly), it
should be NULL modem cable like below)

 2______  _________2



Hold down STOP-N keys during power-on, it is equal to "set-defaults" of PROM

Other Suggestion:

1. To use serial console, actually we don't need set change output-device
and input-device to ttya, if no keyboard attached, output and input will be
automaticaly redirect to ttya

2. Do not attach keyboard/monitor if you want to use serial console

3. HyperTerm of (Windows 95/98/2000/...) is not good for serial console
because it cannot send BREAK to the console

4. Battery is in the NVRAM chip.

Another Issue:

After I press "STOP-N", the monitor can show the PROM banner, but
unfortunately it hang there and cannot show OK prompt.
I asked for help again, the replies didn't help. I opened the box again and
make sure all components are installed well.
Then power on again, the system is recovered. It is strange because actually
I did nothing, all components are already installed well.

Thanks all of your replies.

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