(partial) SUMMARY Strange errors from ls and find

From: Alexander Sarreiter <alexander_at_sarreiter.de>
Date: Mon Nov 10 2003 - 12:56:16 EST

Thanks to all who replied to the inquiry:

Vinnie German, Luc I. Suryo, Neezam Haniff, Anatoliy Lisovskiy

And I hope Mark Costello will find the way back to his office on
Wednesday, November 12th. ;-)

Even the filesystem was checked successfully, this may be a filesystem
issue. So I will try to fsck -fm / fsck -f the filesystem next time I
can bring the production server down. Hope this helps.

from Vinnie:
> Reason I'm stating this is because I had seem this problem before and
> I had end up fscking server to solve problem. You're saying you have 
> failing directories and that could explain inodes being out of place 
> and orphonated files/directories and that's what fsck will/should fix.
There seems to be no other solution/reason.

The UTF-8 characters in the name of the first directory are not the
problem. Mind that the second failing dir does not contain any special
chars in the path.


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