SUMMARY2: scp on windows slow

From: Alex Stade <>
Date: Tue Oct 07 2003 - 15:27:09 EDT
I received a very good explanation from the authors of PuTTY about the 
slowness in file transfers between a Windows host and a Solaris host whilst 
using the SFTP2 protocol;

> Yes, SFTP is well known to be slow when implemented the really easy
> way. Over the past month I have done some work to improve our
> implementation in this area, and it should now be noticeably faster.
> PSCP uses SFTP preferentially to the old rcp-like SCP protocol
> whenever it thinks it has the choice; this is because SFTP is better
> defined, does not depend on the server OS, and has no confusing
> quoting rules, so it works better in the sense of actually getting
> the job _done_. The performance has admittedly been poor for some
> time, but I've been working on that recently.

Using the latest snapshot of the PSCP program increases the performance to 
around 1MB/s, which is much better than what I saw before. For my needs, this 
is quite sufficient.

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